Argyle Institute of Learning (AIL)

“Argyle HR Solution Private Limited” is the Corporate Training company, which is synonymous with the quality training services catering to the personnel and skills demand with very high standards. Mr. Anil Nagpal as Chairman & MD of ARGYLE HR Solutions Pvt. Ltd. & DREAM JOBS Group, has proven his leadership & business acumen by ensuring that his companies achieved breakeven right in the first year of its business as start-up and has ensured positive balance sheet every year with significant growth in turnover. He is an astute and results oriented professional with more than 27 years of experience in Business Development, Operations & HR including Training and Recruitment.

The fundamental idea behind the ARGYLE franchise mechanism, is to foster entrepreneurship; create entrepreneur opportunities for people from all walks of life; and form a channel for social change. This ideology has led to an insight to create budding entrepreneurs out of energetic business-minded individuals, who have the desire to excel but lack the guidance and the resources to start on their own business. Their alignment with ARGYLE HR Solutions Pvt. Ltd. through the low-cost franchise system will support their requirements of capital, access to technology, equipment, systems and knowledge. This ignites their pursuit for enterprise and will transform ARGYLE into a household name. It is also going to create uncharted employment avenues for the downtrodden and empowered innumerable first-time, independent and unorganized entrepreneurs.
It is an extraordinary vision of sharing of wealth; that goes to extend entrepreneurship opportunities for urban and rural population.