About ICTC

The term ICTC stands for The India -China Trade Centre .It’s an Non-Governmental, Not for Profit Organization established in 1997 in New Delhi and Guangzhou, China. Argyle HR Solutions is directly associated for the smooth functioning of ICTC. Its main goal is to improve the India-China economic cooperation with the means of research studies, policy advice participation in trade fairs, seminar, conference and strategic guidelines to business with continuous exchange of business delegation, workshops and lectures.

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Benefits of ICTC

  • ICTC also act as a bridge between China and India.
  • Assist Govt. in economic policy formulation.
  • Easy to identify new Business opportunities
  • Helps you with new strategic information for promoting the new or any kind of business in these market.
  • Help to transfer small and medium enterprises technology.
  • Organize Seminar and Workshops to get interaction among business for these countries
  • Understanding complex issues in India and China
  • Business Development in between India and China
  • Essential information on data between these two countries
  • Helps in understanding Development and Economic issues
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Committees of ICTC

  • Law and Justice Committee
  • Energy and Green Energy Committee
  • Committee on MSME
  • Committee on Auto and Auto Components
  • IT and ITES Committee
  • Committee on Films, Media and Communication
  • Committee on Regulatory Affairs and Taxation
  • Committee on Food Processing, Agro and Marine Product
  • Committee on Metals, Minerals and Chemicals

ICTC Conference

Looking at the current scenario of dynamic economy the difficulties faced by the human societies are at times immense. With increasing complications business require Innovations and New Technologies for the purpose of offering reasonable solutions to human problems and to make a fair profit

ICTC understands these concerns with deeper and long experience. Main aim of ICTC is to act as an Information catalyst and support organization from India to China to grow and collaborate.

How ICTC Conference is Helpful to you

Platform of Opportunity

This platform will allow you to meet business organization on the front line of developing Innovative Technology, Contracting Methods and Practices. It will provide you conference hall which is a perfect place to have honest conversation forum. with your current customer and prospects.It will help you in saving valuable money, time and achieve numerous marketing and sales objectives in an effective and ethical

Involving Technical Session

This is the best opportunity where you can increase your knowledge as there are Brilliant minds from the Industry in Technical Session. Which is also helpful for the issues affecting to the industry and gives you insight gain and industry trends

Significance of this Platform

It will give you an Insight of potential Industry professionals who are willing to learn how your services and products can help their organization succeed in today’s volatile market

Brand Awareness

This platform will help in increase your Brand awareness as many of Industry expert and leaders are there in conference.

Building new Connections

A wide variety of networking activities makes this a prime conference for building new relationships, meeting old acquaintances and nurturing existing connections.

Inside View

ICTC helps you meet Movers and Shakers of the business world which will enable you to undrstand more about the solutions as they are using to solve some of the significant problems.

Consumer Insight

Gain valuable from customers input and feedback as they interact with you and understand your products and services.

Deeper Understanding

Gain a deeper understanding of what drives your target market and how your product helps them to solve their organization’s greatest problems.

Short Journey

After all these beneficial conference the ICTC gives you memorable involving with History and Indian Culture.ICTC also arranged an Tour to Agra and Jaipur for the participants on March 8 2017.

Benefits of Being Part of ICTC Family

  • Provides a number of facilities to an Information seeker
  • Market Research
  • Experience Studies rather than Theory and logic
  • Indentify potential partners.
  • Bank to Bank Relations
  • Organize visit and Meetings.
  • Provide Trading activities
  • Finding suitable business associates

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