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POSH Training

One of the existent issues to be addressed in our country is the crimes being committed against women, be it at work and or at home. Sexual harassment at work leads to a hostile, insecure environment which curbs the active participation of women, breaks their sense of empowerment and has a detrimental effect on their economic growth.With more than 40% of the workforce in the corporate sector being women, it is essential to have a culture of mutual respect and a safe working environment.

We can fight this by:

  • Creating awareness of what is sexual harassment and how it is a legal offence
  • Promoting a safe working environment by encouraging women to speak up if they find any un acceptable behaviour
  • Take an undertaking from every employee that they understand the law and implications of sexual harassment

We have thus created a team of POSH certified trainers PAN India who can help the organization to implement this law by giving the employees a clear understanding of the subject and assist in achieving the following:

  • To create awareness about the law and when it was implemented
  • To spread awareness regarding the kinds of harassment
  • Predatory advances and other forms of sexual harassment
  • Role of employer, employees and the committee

This course should be mandatory to all employees and must become part of the induction training in all the organization.

Let us make our workplace safe and secure for our women.

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