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In the present market situations of international business and highly competitive market, organizations have realized the importance of “Soft skills training” in development of manpower and growth of their business. In order to enhance professionalism & teamwork among employees and represent the brand effectively in the market, “Soft skills training” has gained immense popularity and has been identified as the key factor in achieving success. Today, most of the organizations have identified “Soft skills training’ and integrated the same while imparting training to their employees which in turn generates a high impact outcomes and exceedingly enhanced degree of loyalty, integrity and employee retention. Training in the areas such as communication skills, team building, interpersonal skills, professional etiquette, positive attitude, customer service, sales skills etc. transform the employees and inculcates an attitude that is desired to represent the organization to the global business world. “Argyle HR Solution Private Limited” focuses on activity oriented training and development programs with a holistic approach and customised training programs as per requirement of our clients.

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In Argyle we design and conduct training programmes for multiple levels – entry level, executives, front line managers, middle line managers and senior level manager.

Training Highlights

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dc6aqrGoi We have the expertise of trainers spread at pan-India level with significantly high Industry and Training Experience

dc6aqrGoi Our team of trainers can offer you even the most important exercise of training need analysis, which is the basic need for conducting the right programme to the right people.

dc6aqrGoi We offer Post Training Assessment services also to ensure that you are sure of your ROI-and if needed we plan refresher sessions at periodic Intervals

dc6aqrGoi We provide relevant courseware which can be referral material in the post training phase apart from a learning aid.

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